Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries

We desire to support missions, both internationally and domestically. Right now, our congregation is growing in number and becoming more financially stable. As this trend continues, we will look to prayerfully and financially support missions.

Our immediate goal is train and have functioning “missional small Groups” (MSG's) that are outreach oriented. Our MSG's  will be Christ Centered, Family oriented, and Missionally Minded.

Christ Centered is a term that we use to explain our goal for encouraging each other toward a vibrant relationship with Christ. Some small groups just focus on bible study or fellowship. Both are components of healthy small groups, but we desire to be mature enough to “bear one another’s burdens” while we restore our brothers and sisters, not to varying ministries, but to Christ.

Family Oriented is a term that we use to explain our goal for encouraging one another while in a small family of 10 to 15 multigenerational individuals who know each other well and take care of one another’s physical and spiritual needs.

Missionally Minded is a term that we use to explain our goals of strategically reaching our community through our missional small groups. That may look like neighborhood block parties, child/sport parent outreaches, local church service projects, and community engagement through developed social services.